New To The Side By Side World? Don't Forget Storage Features

A side by side is great when you and your buddies want to go on a hunting trip over rough terrain. In the midst of researching features like two versus four seats, rollover bars, and tire size, however, don't forget to look at storage. If you're going into areas that are relatively isolated, you can't assume that you'll be able to pop back into town for lunch or that you'll be able to hold items in backpacks and other loose containers. You need sturdy storage that stays put, keeping your items safe.

Helmet Storage

Side by sides are not like SUVs or jeeps, where you're encased in a solid car body (or in the case of a convertible jeep, have a sturdy base that isn't designed to roll). A side by side allows for some pretty rough driving, and you and anyone else in the side by side need to wear helmets. You can keep yours in your home and bring it with you, but what if you have friends coming with you who don't have their own helmets? The answer is to store spares in a storage box that is locked in place. These hard-sided cases protect whatever you put in them. If you keep extra helmets with you and keep them in these cases, then you don't have to worry about them sustaining damage in the meantime.

Secure Gun Rack or Bow Case

Side by sides are often used by hunters who need to travel through the wilderness. The last thing you need, if you're using the side by side for this, is to have a weapon rattling around. You might think that won't happen to you because you think you're being careful, but accidents happen — and a bag with a gun suddenly dropping to the floor isn't what you need. A secure gun rack, or a bow case if you'll be using a bow and arrow or crossbow, ensures the weapon stays put if the road becomes very bumpy.

Snacks and Water

Finally, don't forget that you'll need food and water no matter where you go in the side by side. A general storage case for snacks and bottled water is necessary. The case will keep the items safely away from ammunition or other items you may be bringing on your trip while also making them easily accessible.

When you choose your side by side, you'll see which storage accessories are available that fit that model. Remember that using a side by side is not like driving a passenger car, and you need to ensure everything you place in the vehicle is securely fastened and unlikely to fall out. Once you find the right storage, your trips in the side by side are going to be a lot more fun.

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