How To Choose A Commuter E-Bike Made For The Mountain Bike Warrior

City streets have changed since lockdown. Small and big cities alike have turned over more of their road turf to bicycles. You are now more likely to share the road with a Magnum Peak Street electric bike and Tesla electric car than a vehicle spewing greenhouse gases. 

For those into adventure sports, e-bikes that can go off the city and mountain trail track also take care of your urban commutes and weekend adventure sports. Hybrid e-bikes are providing the power and ergonomics of mountain road warriors while delivering a smoother ride in the urban concrete jungle. 


The wide range of e-bike power ratings can be even more confusing when seeking a hybrid e-bike. If you are seeking an adrenaline rush, a bike with a continuous flow of 3,000–5,000 watts of power with much higher peaks can set you back about $10,000. These bikes, often DIY kitted, are overkill for those seeking a solid hybrid commuter and mountain bike experience.

Class 3 bikes provide power with pedaling assistance up to 28 mph and a motor with 750w of power. These e-bikes provide impressively higher performance than the Class 1 models topping out at 20 mph of most commuter bikes. 

Most e-bikes deliver solid continuous power. If you plan on taking your e-bike into the mountains on the weekend, peak power will be more important. When comparing e-bike power ratings, the battery voltage multiplied by the controller amperage allows you to compare peak power at full throttle. 


When you need oomph to get up a hill, a fast throttle will give you the needed acceleration boost. 


An e-bike with a high number of gears will make climbing mountains or steep city streets easier. A commuter typically has no more than a dozen gears whereas some hybrids have 24 or more for ultra-smooth gear shifting.


With more power behind you, you need a good braking system. Hydraulic brakes provide a safe, fast landing on steep declines on city and trail rides. Mechanical brakes will require more lead stopping time.


For mountain biking, you will want a fatter tire than that on the average commuter bike.


Commuters can enjoy a more comfortable ride on bumpy terrains with front suspension, a popular design element of mountain bikes.


Good battery mileage is more important if you are using your bike as a hybrid. If you bike it to the mountains, you want to ensure you have enough juice to play rough for the day and get you back home again. 

Whether or not you take your hybrid e-bike out into the mountains, you will be assured a more powerful and comfortable ride on zero-emissions urban trails. 

For more information on electric bikes, reach out to a company that offers products such as the Magnum Peak Street electric bike.

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