Why Bucket Seats Are Ideal In A Side-By-Side

When you're thinking about buying a side-by-side and visit a local dealer to look at different models, one of the design features that you'll want to notice is the style of seat that it has. While some side-by-sides have bench seats, others have bucket seats. While the seat design shouldn't be the only factor that influences your purchase, it's definitely one to keep in mind — after all, you're going to be spending countless hours in the seat in the years to come. Bench seats have some advantages, but here are some reasons that bucket seats are ideal.

They're More Comfortable

If you've ever sat in a bucket seat, you likely know how comfortable they are. Bucket seats have a number of curves in the right places, which allow them to surround your body and provide the support that you need. This is especially critical if you're planning long outings with your side-by-side, as the last thing that you want is to develop back pain from a seat that lacks support. Bench seats can sometimes cause you to slouch, much in the same manner as the seat in your car. Slouching is more difficult — and far less tempting — in a comfortable bucket seat.

They Prevent Movement

A side-by-side outing can be a simple drive along a path, or you might be a lot more adventurous and find yourself putting this off-road vehicle to the test by riding over rocks, through water, and around other uneven terrains. The close fit of a bucket seat is ideal for keeping your body from moving excessively, which is one of the reasons that bucket seats are the seat of choice in race cars. When the side-by-side is moving over rough ground, you don't want to be sliding around in your seat. This may impede your ability to control the side-by-side safely. This won't be a concern with a bucket seat.

They Look Better

While function might be most important when you evaluate different side-by-side features, don't overlook the importance of appearance. People put considerable stock in the appearance of their side-by-sides — one look at the flashy designs of these vehicles is a testament to this. It's easy to feel as though bucket seats look sportier than bench seats, and this may also be a factor that sways your vote toward the bucket seat design.

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