Three Side-By-Side Cargo Bed Factors To Evaluate

If you need a side-by-side for any type of work project, one of the most important parts of this vehicle will be its cargo bed. Lots of side-by-sides are equipped with cargo beds, allowing users to carry all sorts of items. The presence of a cargo bed can be an asset for virtually every job, whether you're carrying tools, raw materials (such as gravel or soil), or something else. When you visit a local dealership to look at the different side-by-side models, pay special attention to the cargo bed of each. Here are some ways to evaluate this part of the vehicle. 

Square Footage

A side-by-side's cargo bed square footage is an important metric that you'll want to take into account while you shop. The square footage will reveal how much you can carry in this part of the vehicle. Square footage numbers can vary significantly between side-by-sides, so it's useful to request the help of a salesperson in pointing out some models that offer the most square footage. In advance of your dealership visit, you may wish to read online about a few models to get a sense of what type of square footage is available.


When you look at the walls around the cargo bed of a few side-by-sides, you'll see that their height can vary. This is another important detail to consider when shopping for a vehicle that you'll use to carry all sorts of things. Some models have walls that are extremely short, while others have taller walls. In general, you can expect that the latter design will be better because of its superior ability to contain certain things. For example, if you fill your side-by-side's cargo bed with gravel, taller walls will prevent the gravel from spilling out of the cargo bed while you drive.

Weight Capacity

It's also critical to take note of the weight capacity of the cargo beds on several different side-by-sides. These vehicles are designed with weight limits; this information is easy to find when browsing a model's brochure at the dealership. You'll need to think about what types of things you plan to carry in the vehicle's cargo bed. For example, if you expect to carry gravel or concrete paver stones, these things will weigh considerably more than landscaping tools. It will be important to buy a side-by-side that offers enough cargo bed weight capacity for your needs.

Contact a local side-by-side service, such as a Kawasaki dealership, to learn more. 

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